La Alhambra



Sam’s entry for 6/28/2015

Today is Sunday. We are leaving Cádiz. We all feared this day coming and it is finally upon us. It is time for us to pack up our bags, say goodbye to our families, new friends, and the city, and to hit the road. We all exchanged some hugs and kisses while the bus pulled up; some even tears. We loaded up the bus and headed out. We had a long four-hour bus drive ahead of us. The drive consisted of sleeping, music, and some jokes. We are all sad leaving Cádiz but we are excited for Granada and Madrid and even more excited to be back home. When we got to our hotel in Granada we unpacked and went down to the main city while passing the Alhambra, which we will visit tomorrow. It was a hot day, about 103, and our Euros are starting to run thin. We walked around the new city until returning to our hotel for some pool time and afterward dinner. Dinner was a buffet; needless to say we all got our fair share of food. Afterward we walked over to a nearby cave restaurant. There we all gathered to watch a flamenco performance, which was incredible.