Joe and Darcelis’s entry for 6/29/2015

Today, we woke up earlier than usual to go to the Alhambra, the most popular attraction in Granada. We went to the Alhambra, and saw many wooden constructions, tower like buildings, and decorative gardens. It truly was beautiful. But my favorite part of the Alhambra was climbing la Torre de la Vela and getting an unbelievable view of Granada. It was one of the best views that we have gotten on the entire trip.

The tour of the Alhambra concluded and we then returned to the hotel, grabbed our bags, and boarded the bus for what was a 6 and a half hour bus ride. On the way we made a couple of stops for restrooms and food. The ride ended up not being too bad (I slept for the majority), and we arrived in Madrid near 7 o clock at night.

Once in Madrid, we had a little time to rest and get ready for dinner. We went out to dinner and had a fantastic three-course meal. After this we returned to our hotel rooms to conclude the very long day.

Although it was a tiring day, we saw some beautiful things and managed to keep good energy while having another fun day. It will certainly be tough to say goodbye to Spain.


Today we visited the Alhambra. It was one of the cooler sites we’ve visited because of all the history behind it. It was cool seeing a structure that related to the topics we’ve covered in class. My favorite part of Alhambra was the gardens because of the fountains. The symmetry the Moors were able to accomplish was incredible.

After the Alhambra we embarked on our 6 hour journey to Madrid. Many people including myself slept for a good portion of the ride. When I wasn’t sleeping I listened to music to pass the time.

After we made it to Madrid we went straight to the hotel. We got about an hour to relax before heading to dinner. Xander and I chose to explore Madrid a little bit since we don’t have that much time here. The day ended with a delicious dinner and about a half hour of free time to see Madrid. The trip had been great so far and it’s unreal that it is almost over.